Virgin Money UK


Virgin Money is a banking and financial services brand operating in the United Kingdom. In June 2018, Virgin Money agreed to a takeover by CYBG plc which was completed in October 2018. Virgin Money was merged into Clydesdale Bank plc on 21 October 2019, continuing as a trading name and operating under Clydesdale Bank plc's banking licence. It is planned that between December 2019 and late 2021, Virgin Money UK plc will phase out the Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank and B brands in favour of the Virgin Money brand.



Virgin Money UK publicly states a focus on the following goals


Virgin Money UK publicly declares measurable commitments to the following goals


Virgin Money UK publicly shares examples of how its actions are supporting the goals


Virgin Money UK shares data showing its progress towards the goals


Virgin Money UK shares information about involving its suppliers in environmental / social issues but doesn’t mention involving them in supporting the goals

Review date: 20 October 2020
Country: United Kingdom