JB Hi-Fi Ltd

Consumer Discretionary

JB Hi-Fi is a publicly listed Australian retailer that sells and specialises in consumer goods. JB Hi-Fi has locations in Australia and New Zealand. The company (which is publicly listed on the ASX) is based in Melbourne, with its headquarters located in Southbank.



JB Hi-Fi Ltd publicly states its support for the goals, but doesn’t say which are priorities


JB Hi-Fi Ltd doesn’t publicly declare any measurable commitments to support the goals


JB Hi-Fi Ltd publicly shares examples of positive environmental / social actions, but doesn’t say how these support the goals


JB Hi-Fi Ltd doesn’t publicly share data that shows its progress towards the goals


JB Hi-Fi Ltd shares information about involving its suppliers in environmental / social issues but doesn’t mention involving them in supporting the goals

Review date: 01 July 2020
Country: Australia